Amal Anzari

Research Fellow

Amal is a Master’s graduate in International Relations, prior to which she completed her Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication. Her Master’s dissertation was on the topic ‘The Populist Rhetoric and the Rise of the Global Right Wing: A Critical Evaluation of Narendra Modi’s Foreign Policy through the Populist Lens.’

In the realms of International Relations, Amal’s areas of interest include international security, especially the security trajectories in the Asia Pacific Region, as well as global governance and conflict management. She has worked with organisations such as the Ministry of External Affairs (Government of India), The Hindu and the Times of India. In her free time, Amal loves to read up on pop culture and history.

Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam

The State of Cooperation in the Black Sea Region

With many Black Sea countries desiring more EU involvement in the region, it will likely remain a strategic frontier for Europe, Russia and the US in energy security, festering conflicts, trade links, migration and economic developments.

The Integrated Review and what it means for EU-UK foreign policy

Both the EU and UK share a common vision of a rules-based international order, effective multilateralism, open societies, and an open and resilient global economy. This shared worldview should be a good enough objective to work alongside each other and set the space for constructive cooperation.