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Our goals since our foundation and receipt of our French nonprofit status have been to pursue our love for politics and research. This is why we have endeavoured to provide a platform for aspiring researchers interested in European and international politics to have their voices heard. Through the dissemination of publications and insights written by our research fellow network, we hope to spark debate and inspire discussions that can lead to real policy change.

IDRN funds its research efforts through:

  • European Union funding schemes
  • French national subsidies
  • Event sponsorships
  • Donations from private individuals and entities
  • Grants from institutions on specific projects
  • Membership fees
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A charitable donation will help us continue to produce research and inform policy debates from our researchers’ insights. IDRN is committed to transparency.

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IDRN believes that through story-telling we can disseminate information and convey a message. To achieve this, IDRN hosts events bringing together policymakers, academics and expert thinkers.
Fund research

IDRN conducts research into an array of European Union, French and institution-funded research projects and think tank (in-house) developed ideas.

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By becoming a Member of IDRN, you are joining a community of individuals interested in European Union politics. At these events, we discuss different aspects of European policy in a social setting. Please follow the link below to sign up.