IDRN Mission (CAPA)

Challenge unsustainable practices

Protecting existing environmental legislation, eliminating climate-straining behaviours, and supporting the energy transition.


Advocate for the rights of citizens

Identifying societal inequalities, supporting fair and free democratic institutions and processes, and promoting access for all.

Protect against new security threats

Understanding new threats to digital and energy security, increasing cooperation between global partners, and combatting misinformation.

Accelerate economic development

Plotting the fiscal effects of global shocks, exploring new methods for economic development and increasing corporate accountability.

Regenerating Europe for Future Generations

IDRN was established to rethink Europe in a way that European development and democracy can be protected and advanced. As a think tank, our aim is to regenerate Europe for future generations. To achieve this, we strive to ensure that young people are involved in the mechanisms of political decision-making and are consulted about potential policy changes. IDRN supports, encourages and promotes participation, dialogue and debate to engage the public interest and stimulate new ideas. We believe that the future of Europe should be made by and for future generations.

The development of Europe is paramount to the future of its success. IDRN’s research explores ways that Europe can advance and develop both socially and economically whilst remaining conscious of environmental issues. This will ensure that future generations beyond our own can enjoy increased and sustainable access to socio-political fulfilment.

Our international research team is made up of progressive and innovative thinkers who push the boundaries of socio-political research by bringing a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to the field. We pride ourselves on our intellectual and geographical diversity, and believe that our political and social differences provide the strong foundations necessary for rigorous, cross-partisan policy recommendations. IDRN challenges and inspires contemporary debates by providing insightful research into: