International Development Research Network (IDRN) Integrity Statement

As a think tank, transparency and integrity are two of the most important values. We are committed to the independence of our research and work to ensure that everyone in our organisation aligns with this goal. This commitment helps to build trust with our readers, audience and stakeholders, and enables IDRN to effectively:

  • Stimulate strategic debate through free reflection and the production of ideas;
  • Engage the interest of the general public in research and development and questions about the European Union;
  • Animate and participate in this debate, whether by conferences, seminars, forums, publications, teachings or media appearances;
  • Facilitate the flow of information and reflection by creating bridges between people of different philosophical or professional background;
  • Work to lower the existing barriers between politicians, experts, officials, industrialists, journalists, researchers or teachers;
  • Participate in forums organised abroad to provide an international dimension and a European perspective;
  • Support, achieve, promote, favour and encourage participation and the realisation of all cultural and intellectual activities on international and strategic issues;
  • Dispense training on international issues for students or professionals.

The opinions of IDRN’s research team are not influenced in any way by our external stakeholders or members. IDRN encourages open debates on an array of issues related to our CAPA Mission. Our team members have an array of different opinions on our four research themes, and we encourage this diversity in thought.


Independence of Individuals

IDRN research staff are recruited through a transparent process that weighs up relevant research experience within our four themes.

Throughout their time at IDRN, research fellows are often called upon to conduct research and other activities with organisations at various levels (international, European, and local). Whilst doing so, they must operate with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Research fellows must also clarify their opinion as their own, and not as a position taken by IDRN.

IDRN’s research fellows and staff are always expected to avoid conflict of interests during their time with the organisation. Whenever a conflict of interest arises, it must be presented and declared in a transparent manner, or the staff member must abstain from representing IDRN. We also require our researchers to declare any associations with organised political interest groups to ensure that these do not conflict with our independence as a charity or our CAPA Mission.


Independence of Research

IDRN prides itself on the integrity and impartiality of our research publications, activities, and events. Any organisations or members who fund IDRN must agree to respect the impartiality and integrity of any research we produce and any activities we implement as a charity.

All funding IDRN receives will be published in our annual reports and made public in a transparent manner. IDRN competes for research projects awarded on a competitive basis from various EU funding schemes. IDRN ensures that any funding from institutions, governments, corporations, or members/individuals must respect our full independence as an organisation. Our research and policy recommendations cannot in any way be influenced by IDRN members or stakeholders.

It is also important for us to be transparent about our funding. As a charity, our annual income is composed of:

  • Fees and subscriptions of its members;
  • Charitable donations from its members;
  • Subsidies from the State, regions, departments, communes and public institutions as well as international organisations;
  • Proceeds from gifts whose use is authorised during the financial year;
  • Resources created on occasion and, if necessary, with the approval of the managing authority;
  • Proceeds from sales and fees received for services rendered;
  • The product of patronage and sponsorship;
  • Financial income from investments;
  • All resources compatible with the objectives and goals of the association.


Transparent Funding

IDRN’s commitment to transparency is reflected in the published financial statements in our Annual Report. The director and treasurer ensure that our accounts detail our revenue and costs to fund the think tank and its projects.

IDRN is registered in the joint transparency register of the European Commission and the European Parliament under registration number 122192846710-45.