Jessica Sumner

Research Fellow

Jess holds a Master’s degree from Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs in International Development with concentrations in Intelligence and Diplomacy. Jess has previous experience on issues of security, intelligence, economic research, and foreign policy in Europe and more specifically, the Caucasus region. Having previously interned at the US Embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia for the Political Section and the International Rescue Committee in New York, she has worked on a number of issues regarding conflict zones and humanitarian security.

She is currently a consultant for Portulans Institute and has contributed to the Network Readiness Index 2022 and the Global Innovation Index 2022. She works on transforming data to promote sustainable planning that encapsulates citizens rights to health and mobility.

Jess enjoys cycling, making pottery and reading Russian literature.

Languages: English, Russian, French, Portuguese

Caution or Innovation: The drivers of EU and UK AI policy

As artificial intelligence technologies advance, the EU and UK have diverged on their legal, business, and social approaches to regulating AI. With many AI companies conducting business in both markets, they must be meticulous to abide by the stringent laws of the EU while taking advantage of the UK’s innovation-first approach.