Mon Quartier,
Mon Futur

My Neighbourhood,
My Future

Phase 1

Autumn 2022
In phase 1 of the “Mon Quartier, Mon Futur: La Circularité au Niveau Locale” (My Neighbourhood, My Future: Circularity on a Local Level) project there are three workshops aimed at educating local youth in the 18th district of Northern Paris on the importance of a circular economy and how to adapt it to everyday life. In this series of seminars, the Sustainability Scholars are introduced to the circular economy, circularity and short food circuits in cities and the carbon intensive effect vehicle production has on the environment.
3/3 100%

Phase 2

Spring 2023
In phase 2 of the project there are four workshops designed to put theory into practice. These practical workshops allow Sustainability Scholars to develop their skills and prepare for the brainstorming session with local neighbourhood businesses. In this series of seminars, local youth will prepare a worm composting bin, plant flowers and maintain the flower boxes, and learn to mend clothing. This will enable Sustainability Scholars to pinpoint businesses develop an action plan with their ideas to liaison between business owners.
4/4 100%

Phase 1

5 R’s: Repairing, Recycling Reducing reusing, And refurbishing

Decreasing Food Waste: Eating Locally and Seasonally

Prioritising Public Transport and Reconditioning Bikes

Phase 2

Lombricomposteur : Rendre le monde plus vert avec des vers

Vegetaliser notre quartier : Il était une fois une forêt urbaine

Workshop de réparation : Les tutos contre l’obsolescence programmée

Brainstorming : Commerçants et adolescents ensemble pour la circularité