Nel Abdullayeva

Research Fellow

Nel Abdullayeva holds an MPhil in Politics: Comparative Government from the University of Oxford. Her primary research areas include women in politics, democratic breakdown, and political parties. For her Master’s thesis, Nel examined the pathways to power for women in authoritarian and hybrid regimes. Currently, Nel works as an associate in business intelligence.

Prior to starting the MPhil at Oxford, Nel attended the University of California at Berkeley, where she received a BA with High Honours in Political Science and Government. Her thesis focused on the representation of women in Central and Eastern European politics following the post-Communist transitions. During her studies at UC Berkeley, Nel worked as a research intern on the project “Increasing Trust in Science” for Professor Jas Sekhon, as well as the Programme on Security Institutions and Violent Instability supervised by Professor Aila Matanock.

In her free time, Nel enjoys going on long walks with her puppy, baking, and painting. She is also a co-host for a podcast focused on the intersection of politics, pop culture and intersectional feminism.

Languages: English, Russian, Azerbaijani, Turkish, French