Our Series

Since our foundation, our work has been within our four research themes: economic development; environment and climate change; citizens’ rights and individuals; and international security. We chose these themes not as isolated paradigms but as vital aspects of a whole, not to be examined in isolation but to highlight a particular feature, viewpoint or lens. To study a topic on a scale as large as the European through only one lens is to do it an injustice, and so we are introducing a new way to explore ideas – Our Series.

Our Series, introduced in 2021, allow for our researchers to delve into multiple facets of some of today’s most interesting and topical political debates, and examine how economics, political ideology, sustainability, identity and security intersect and crossover. Our series will consist of articles from multiple themes, along with an introduction and conclusion, to highlight multiple interlinked facets of a given issue.

The EU at a Crossroads: Where from and where next?

Written by Niccolò Fantini

Latin America and the EU: The importance of transatlantic relations

Written by Andrea Rocio Limon