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International Security
Johannes Nordin & Selina Daugalies

Messaging Mayhem: The EU’s Struggle for Clarity on Israel-Palestine ​

The EU’s response to the Israel-Palestine crisis reveals stark coordination issues and internal divisions, undermining its credibility and influence in international affairs. It has exposed institutional tensions, personality-driven divides, and the challenges inherent in bringing unanimity among its 27 member states on foreign policy issues.

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Regenerating Europe for Future Generations

IDRN was established to rethink Europe in a way that European development and democracy can be protected and advanced. As a think tank, our aim is to regenerate Europe for future generations. To achieve this, we strive to ensure that young people are involved in the mechanisms of political decision-making and are consulted about potential policy changes. IDRN supports, encourages and promotes participation, dialogue and debate to engage the public interest and stimulate new ideas. We believe that the future of Europe should be made by and for future generations.

Our Themes

In the 21st century, the nature of security is changing. This transformation has developed from traditional understandings of hard power politics and physical security to new ways of defining the term to include human, energy and digital security. With such dramatic shifts, and new threats to security, policymakers need to stay updated, all whilst maintaining international relations and diplomatic links with other countries and regions. IDRN hopes to aid understanding by evaluating Europe’s relations with its neighbours, new and evolving threats to citizens, and the impacts of technology on international security and individual privacy.

Climate change is a threat to all life, and it is clear that work is needed to combat the negative effects. Thankfully, the development of environmental legislation and international accords like the Paris Agreement are evidence that policymakers are starting to take notice of our warming planet. To understand climate change is to understand the environment around us, and how we as humans affect it through our daily activities. In support of the global fight against climate change, IDRN explores the changing nature of pollution, where environmental responsibility should lie, and how governments and international actors can coordinate to find solutions. 

In the years following global financial crises and shocks, job creation and investment are crucial to the recovery of the global economy. This development will also involve policies related to unemployment, infrastructure, trade, foreign aid and harnessing emerging technologies to ensure that future workers are prepared for an increasingly digital world. IDRN examines the ways that new technologies can be utilised to reduce economic inequalities; to investigate ways that countries can work collaboratively to increase opportunities; and to find new avenues for economic development.

All societies must confront questions of inequality and injustice, and often these apply to issues of identity and migration, and access to resources and opportunities. It is up to governments, NGOs, education systems and, most importantly, individuals to highlight and combat these inequalities, so that society can be more inclusive and opportunities can be shared. To promote this valuable work, IDRN questions existing assumptions about identity, and explores solutions to the main problems facing individuals, especially in the fields of justice, education and migration.

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