Environment and Climate Change

Climate change is a threat to all life, and it is clear that work is needed to combat the negative effects. Thankfully, the development of environmental legislation and international accords like the Paris Agreement are evidence that policymakers are starting to take notice of our warming planet. To understand climate change is to understand the environment around us, and how we as humans affect it through our daily activities. In support of the global fight against climate change, IDRN explores the changing nature of pollution, where environmental responsibility should lie, and how governments and international actors can coordinate to find solutions. 

Washing out the stains: The new regulatory environment​

As of 01 January 2023, both France and Germany ushered in new policies impacting fashion and textile firms aimed at curbing misleading labelling practices, bolstering environmental standards, and encouraging transparency along an opaque globalised supply chain.

Illuminating the Climate-Conflict Nexus

As the interlinkages between climate change and conflict are highly contextual, the pursuits for generalisations and one-size-fits-all approaches to climate security are doomed to fail.

The Green Economy: Barriers to Entry

Since the OECD formally launched its Green Growth initiative in 2011, policy makers and business leaders alike have demonstrated significant interest in what has been presented as a new growth paradigm. Rather than placing emphasis on economic growth for its own sake, the Green Growth model prioritises purposeful, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

Making the EU Go Round with Circularity

The circular economy enables EU citizens to participate in, and benefit from, positive aspects from tackling the environmental problems by changing consumption and production and favouring the sustainable counterpart.

‘Plan on the Ban’: The EU’s Plastic Strategy

The European Parliament must prioritise the restriction of SUP waste by limiting its use and informing the consumers of its effects on the environment in order to prevent it from entering and polluting the ecosystem and to protect our environment.

Polluting at a Premium: The EU’s emissions trading system

With increasing mainstream financial appeal and other international trading systems being developed, the EU’s ETS will be a useful tool in the fight against climate change. Policymakers will need to remain vigilant to keep it working effectively.

The EU’s Biodiversity Strategy

If the EU truly aims to tackle biodiversity loss and to lead the way in facing the global biodiversity crisis, then it must learn from previous failures and follow through on the ambitious targets laid out in the new strategy.

Protecting Europe’s Green Deal

The European Green Deal was meant to be the beacon of hope for Europe. However, the repercussions of Covid-19 on the economy might make the EU’s Green Deal impossible to achieve. IDRN explores how it can be saved.

The Inconvenient Truth of Covid-19

The unprecedented economic measures that governments have taken to help deal with Covid-19 makes you wonder about another global emergency that needs the same response – climate change.