Who We Are

Ed Biggins and Andrea Rocio Limon


When young graduates choose to study politics and pursue careers in its varied fields, they are too often faced with obstacles such as not having enough experience, lacking a certain level of degree or simply the challenges of the competitive nature of securing a career in the field. At IDRN, we seek to elevate the young people and graduates with a passion for writing, who are rigorous in their research expertise and driven in helping us to rethink and regenerate Europe for future generations.

One of the top questions we get from prospective research fellows, partners and donors is where did this idea come from? Let’s start at January 2020 graduation day arrived, we discussed our future goals including interests in pursuing Doctoral degrees, potential professions and the anticipation of integrating into our respective research fields. Cue a global health crisis and all possibility of realising those goals seemed to disappear with the snap of a finger. During the countless video calls that happened following government lockdowns and the uncertainty of the virus, we, along with a former course mate from our postgraduate studies, discussed our frustrations with the job market and reminisced over our love of writing. In one, IDRN was born.

We started by each contributing an article on a European policy issue. Initially written to keep for ourselves or to add to our own writing portfolios, we soon decided we needed a website to showcase our work. When the website was completed, it felt natural for the next step to be the recruitment of other researchers who shared our passion. While Ed managed IDRN’s research fellows and portfolio, Andrea navigated the French administrative system to obtain IDRN’s nonprofit status.

That’s exactly how it all began and much faster than we had anticipated during the first lockdown. It has become everything we have today thanks to the researchers who have believed in us since our foundation, and our ambition to tackle the issues we think imperative for our generation’s future. Pre-pandemic life seems like a lifetime ago, especially as we have continued to grow IDRN’s research fellow network and promote its mission in the interim. We believe it is important to give a voice and platform to Europe’s next generation, promoting solutions and analysing topics which we believe impact not only our individual futures but that of the planet.

Our Objectives

Stimulate strategic debate through free reflection and the production of ideas

Engage the interest of the general public in research and development and questions about the European Union

Animate and participate in this debate, whether by conferences, seminars, forums, publications, teachings or media appearances

Facilitate the flow of information and reflection by creating bridges between people of different philosophical or professional backgrounds

Work to lower the existing barriers between politicians, experts, officials, industrialists, journalists, researchers or teachers

Participate in forums organised abroad to provide an international dimension and a European perspective

Support, achieve, promote, favour and encourage participation and the realisation of all cultural and intellectual activities on international and strategic issues

Dispense training on international issues for students or professionals

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