Citizens’ Rights and Individuals

All societies must confront questions of inequality and injustice, and often these apply to issues of identity and migration, and access to resources and opportunities. It is up to governments, NGOs, education systems and, most importantly, individuals to highlight and combat these inequalities, so that society can be more inclusive and opportunities can be shared. To promote this valuable work, IDRN questions existing assumptions about identity, and explores solutions to the main problems facing individuals, especially in the fields of justice, education and migration.

How has Brexit changed UK study for EU students?​

Since the UK’s exit from the European Union in 2021, the cost of university tuition fees for EU nationals in the UK has skyrocketed. This will negatively affect the UK’s economy with more EU students choosing to study elsewhere, such as The Netherlands.

The Domain of Work: Closing the inequality gap

Despite greater numbers of women in higher education, gender disparities still exist in work across Europe. If Member States can reduce these gaps, both prosperity and GDP would improve across the continent.

‘Culture Wars’ and the EU: LGBT rights as a political weapon

The topic of LGBT rights has been increasingly politicised, becoming a powerful weapon in the hands of both incumbents and aspiring populist leaders. Posing the question: to what extent has the discussion on LGBT rights in the EU reached constitutional and potentially structurally relevant levels?

Pandemics and Persistent Politicians: The link between Covid-19 and continuity

Whilst many decisions appear rooted in social and economic issues, there is a wider trend affecting Europe’s voting populations. As citizens return to polling stations in the aftermath of the first wave, they highlight their greatest current need – the need for consistency and regularity, in a world wracked with uncertainty.

The Class and Race Divides of Covid-19

Covid-19 continues to create havoc across the world, destroying people’s lives at large. IDRN explores the repercussions this is having on the class and race divide in society.