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Mon Quartier, Mon Futur

Voulez-vous être les futurs éco-développeurs de votre quartier? Venez à nos ateliers pour apprendre comment nous pouvons transformer nos quartiers et inspirer les commerçants à adopter un plan d'économie circulaire.

Do you want to be the future eco-developers of your neighbourhood? Come to our workshops to learn how we can transform our neighbourhoods and inspire merchants to adopt a circular economy plan.

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Rethinking The EU As A Global Security Actor

Tuesday 05 July 2022, 10:00 AM CET.

In light of current events and the European Union’s inability to respond to a continental threat due to the rules of war and various treaties, one must ask themselves what Europe can do to protect itself in the future?

Join the IDRN research team in its first webinar featuring defence and military experts, policymakers and academics.