Jelle Posthuma

Junior Research Fellow

Jelle is currently employed as an Environmental Specialist at Harvest House. He analyses the environmental footprint of horticultural supply chains and aims to translate sustainability-related data into strategy. Before beginning his career, he completed an MSc in Sustainability Science, Policy, and Society at Maastricht University, and holds a BA in International Studies from Leiden University.

During his academic career, he gained experience in consultancy as he worked with a team of international students tackling sustainability-related problems commissioned by Stahl and Unilever. His academic background allows him to pursue his goal to bridge the gap between policy-makers, scientists and civil society.

In his postgraduate dissertation, Jelle focused on the effects of automation on employment and assessed universal basic income and job guarantee programs as potential policies to cope with unemployment in an Uruguayan context. His undergraduate dissertation assessed Chilean environmental legislation through the lens of the ecological modernization theory.

In his free time, he hosts a jazz podcast, enjoys live music, plays chess, and travels when he can.

Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish