Andrea Rocio Limon

President & Director

Prior to co-founding IDRN, Andrea worked for Inova Consultancy as an international project assistant, helping develop multiple EU-funded projects. She has work experience in non-profit organisations, business development, and communications. Her particular areas of research are in international security, with particular emphasis on organised crime, cyber warfare, and energy security.

Andrea completed her Bachelor’s in International and Comparative Politics at The American University of Paris, before continuing her studies with a Master’s in International Relations at The University of Sheffield.

In her leisure time, Andrea enjoys analogue photography, learning new languages, and swimming.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese Mandarin

The Kremlin, ‘Kernenergie’, and the Invasion of Kyiv

An update on the Gazprom, Eastern Europe and the Energy Security Crisis research paper written in November 2020 analysing the political uncertainty and warning of a potential security crisis, seen today in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, due to the progression of Nord Stream Pipeline 2 and the involvement of Russian state-owned company, Gazprom.

Making the EU Go Round with Circularity

The circular economy enables EU citizens to participate in, and benefit from, positive aspects from tackling the environmental problems by changing consumption and production and favouring the sustainable counterpart.

‘Plan on the Ban’: The EU’s Plastic Strategy

The European Parliament must prioritise the restriction of SUP waste by limiting its use and informing the consumers of its effects on the environment in order to prevent it from entering and polluting the ecosystem and to protect our environment.